HIPOCRATES project main objective is to develop self-repairing composite materials by transforming widely used resin within aeronautical industry to self-healing materials thus facilitating the consequent certification and its related cost. This transformation will be carried out through the epoxy enrichment with appropriate self-healing technology:

  • Encapsulation
  • Hollow fibres
  • Reversible polymers

The main goals to achieve this main objective are:

  • To provide experimental evidence to meet the State of the Art shortcomings and broaden the understanding of the self-healing mechanisms.
  • To develop strategies and respective procedures for enabling self-repairing of composite materials by critically analyzing the establish techniques.
  • To establish novel routes and technologies for utilizing the self-healing functionalities in aero-structures.
  • To develop new protocols and testing methods in order to specifically quantify the healing magnitude.
  • To analyze the durability and service life assessment of healing technologies.
  • Characterization of the healing mechanisms and performance under aeronautical loading conditions.