HIPOCRATES is a Collaborative Project co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Community. Further information on European Community research programmes can be found on the Cordis web site.

The aim of HIPOCRATES project is to serve as a platform for developing the required knowledge, technologies, procedures and strategies to deliver self-repairing composite aero-structures, while defining the roadmap to achieve the vision of self-repairing composite structures.

In order to achieve this aim, the objectives of HIPOCRATES research and development activities are set to give answers in certain directions:

  • To provide experimental evidence to meet the State-of–the-Art shortcomings  and broaden the understanding of the self-healing mechanisms.
  • To develop strategies and respective procedures for enabling self-repairing of composite materials by critically analyzing the established techniques.
  • To establish novel routes and technologies for utilizing the self-healing functionalities in aero-structures.
  • To develop new protocols and testing methods in order to specifically quantify the healing magnitude.

Key Data

Project Acronym: HIPOCRATES.
Project full title: Self Healing polymers for concepts on self-repaired aeronautical Composites
FP7 Call: FP7–AAT–2013–RTD-1
Theme: AAT.2013.4-4. AAT.2013.1-2.Maintenance, repair and disposal Aerostructures
Grant Agreement Number: ACP3-GA-2013-605412
Total cost: 3.721.900,60 €
EU Contribution: 2.774.148,46 €
Starting date: 01/11/2013
Ending date: 30/10/2016
Duration: 36 months